Monday, 28 January 2013

I miss being a kid - Poem

I miss the family holidays, 
I miss the magic of Christmas and birthdays, 
I miss my childhood friends who were no one else but just themselves, 
I miss break times,
I miss packed lunches and Oros and Peanut butter sandwiches, 
I miss the reading period we had first thing at school, 
I miss PE, 
I miss organised school sport, 
I miss the school camps we went on, 
I miss the netball games and the swimming galas, 
I miss spending all day in the pool, 
I miss the mad 'back to school' rush for new stationery, school uniform and those ugly black shoes,
I miss my shoes and clothes getting too small for me,
I miss enjoying cartoons,
I miss having maths homework,
I miss the 'well done' stickers and gold stars on my work,
I miss the school productions and musicals,
I miss the early morning choir sessions,
I miss Tabatha and Tigger,
I miss having sleep overs,
I miss my older sister now that she's not living at home anymore,
I miss just being a kid.
- Written by Fern Emily Shaw 28-01-13