Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Product Review: Lee Stafford POKeR STRAiGHT SHiNE SERUM

Lee Stafford's poker straight shine serum promises 

"weightless, non greasy, serum with vitamins E and A... your hair will glow with health and sparkle like diamonds"

A little bit about my hair situation

I have long, normal to thick hair; I get blonde highlights on only the top half of my head every 3 months or so {the rest of my hair is naturally a mousey brown}; I used to straighten my hair {after it had air dried} at least twice a week {I always use tresemme heat protect spray}; my hair is naturally wavy and it looks a little frizzy without a bit of taming.

I decided to start blow-drying my hair instead of straightening it because the straightening just made my hair look flat, and it only looked good for a few hours - I wanted to wash my hair the next day. I find blow-drying my hair looks way nicer, and it stays 'fresh' for a few days without getting manky.

So I did some research to find out which serum I could use to make my blow-dry more *special*. I specifically looked at Lee Stafford products because a few months ago I purchased his "Bleach Blondes Shampoo {purple}" and I was really happy with the quality and price, and I LOVE the way it smells! {it smells expensive}. All of the reviews I read said that they were happy and would re-purchase the product. So I bought this product from Clicks for R95.

What do I think of the product?

My observations after using the product {2 pumps of the serum} on wet hair {just washed} and then blow-drying:
  • It is definitely light weight, non sticky & non greasy
  • My hair felt like silk
  • My hair had a healthy glow/shine to it without looking greasy
  • It smells amazing!
I even put another pump {one squeeze/pre-measured by the product dispenser} on the length and tips of my hair after blow-drying it to stray fly-aways.

The final verdict

I will definitely buy this product again. It's going on my "hair-products-must-haves" list!

I hope this review helps you!